How to Measure - Before I accept a commission from you PLEASE READ!

Note to all commission-ees

PLEASSSSEEE Make sure your measurements are accurate. Because I do most of my work Via the Web and I cannot fit you personally, you have to be EXTREAMLY accurate. I will not judge! I do not care! Measurements are JUST A NUMBER! I want you to look beautiful in my work, I want you to feel comfortable and confident.
Tips on measurements, have a trusted friend or family member help you. If you don’t have access to a tape measure and friend, go to a local tailor or seamstress and ask to have your measurements done… I bet even a gal at the nearest fabric store would be willing to help!
Take a look at the diagram below about what measurements to take. Please give them all to me. The more the better! Send me the measurements via email labeled alphabetically as shown on the diagram.
Due to the turnaround time on these costumes, I will no longer be doing fitted pregnancy outfits (ie Mustafar). I cannot guarantee a proper fit. In six weeks a prego gal can grow a bit and it just doesn’t work well (Steel Blue should be fine because it is not fitted).
One more hint… give yourself the extra half inch… round up! And please don’t assume you will lose the last 10 pounds before you have to wear the costume!

One last thing, although I strive for perfection and garment grade costumes, I would like to make light of the fact, if I want to keep cost down for my customers, sometimes I can not use the same materials as used for the original.  I do my best to interpret the costume, but I DO NOT have the original patterns or exact information, sometimes it is left up to the seamstress to interpret. PLEASE remember, it is a costume!
Last but not least, because I work so hard on these wonderful, painstakingly, intricate ensembles, please pass the credit on. I would love for people to know how hard I work for the work of art you complete! Thanks for your attention!

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