Sunday, September 25, 2011

Embroidery Fit for a Queen

I purchased the fabric for the Red Invasion gown and started playing with the embroidery. Take a look...

The color of the actual fabric is a little less pink red. The flash did funny stuff to it. The stabilizer is still on the embroidery motif. Other than that, pretty good. Metallic thread is a b*?@h to work with. It breaks ALLLLLL of the time.


  1. it looks very nice. you can do it, khris. :)

  2. Are you doing this by hand? It looks very clean if you are :)

  3. Wow. Your costumes are beautiful! I have been using my own clothes to put together what are supposed to be costumes, but these are amazing!
    I would appreciate it if you left out the bad language though.