Ewok Leia - Return of the Jedi

Ewok Leia 

Ewok Leia is probably the easiest of  the costumes I have attempted so far.
Princess Leia wears a suede looking frock the Ewoks have made for her for the celebration at the end of Return of the Jedi.
Unfortunatly, there are not many clear pictures of this dress. If you watch the end if the movie, it isn't much help either. An Ewok or her hair is in the way of getting a clear picture of it.
The dress itself looks to be a princess cut dress with a V neck. Made of suede it has a tribal look. Up the princess seams and on the seams where the sleeves meet the shoulder, there are small criss crosses of leather strips as if that is what is holding the dress together. The front neckline also has leather strip lacing at the V neck. The sleeves are short sleeves but extend slightly longer than standard short sleeves. Under the short sleeves there is a linen or gauze type long sleeve. The long sleeve has stitching along the outside of it (kind of like a french seam). At the cuff, it is cinched with a dark grey piece of lacing.
Now the tough part. The skirt of the dress is multi length, BUT how many panels and lengths!? Its hardz to tell! From what I see, it has a single panel in the front (which acounts for the high slit in the skirt), and a single multi length piece in 
back. *see pictures.
Around the waist is a loose sash......

This is the list of things you will need for making this dress.
1. Pattern
2. Fabric
3. Suede lacing
4. Thread
5. Zipper
6. Iron in stabilizer interfacing
7. Taylor's chalk
8. Masking tape

I found a great pattern for this dress, Simplicity Pattern # 2174.

With some minior adjustments, this pattern is ready to go!
The multi cup sizing is marvelous! Not a one size fits all. Jo ann fabrics sells a faux suede called Microsuede that is called Banana Leaf color, it has a great hand and is not to hard to sew. It is about $12.95 a yard. I found the lacing the same color at Handcock Fabrics.

Find your correct sizing on the pattern, for this pattern, you will need about 4 yards of this fabric, give or take for sizing. Cut the pattern for the A or C top part. Adjust the neck line with the template HERE. I start with the top first then work on the bottom.

After the top part is constructed, (with the exception of the zipper) turn the top inside out iron it from the inside. Then cut one inch strips and iron them on either side of the princess seams, under the facing for the neckline and the seam by the arm hole. This will reinforce the fabric so when you cut the holes for the lacing, it won't tear. 

For the lacing, they are about one inch stitches, spaced about 1 1/2 inches apart, ACROSS the seam. Measure as shown below and mark with your taylor's chalk. To make the holes to thread the lashing through, take small embroidery scissors and cut tiny slashes or holes (if you trust yourself). Set up your needle and sew lashing as shown.

I sew the lashing up first then down. Don't try to do the lashing in "X's", it pulls the fabric funny.

To make the neck line look more authentic, you will have to hand sew from the inside to get the fabric to stay flat.

Now for the tricky part, the skirt. I am cutting the front panel to hang seperatly. The hem I think is two parts, the panel in the front and the skirt in the back. The skirts hem is cut at various lengths.

Because of the fabric I used is synthetic, I singed the edges with a lighter to bind (so it won't unravel) and give it a sort of authentic suede-y look.

Next, you will place the linen style long sleeves in the inside of the short sleeve. Since the Rebel Legion will not allow stitching along the hem of the sleeve, I will leave mine "raw" and hand sew the long sleeve in by hand.

Place in zipper, hook and eye at the top, and cut a rustic looking waist tie and you are done!

Total cost of costume -
Fabric $12.95 × 4 = $51.80
Lacing $1.80 × 10 = $18.00
Stablizer/interfacing .5 × $6.49 = $3.25
Zipper $2.50
Pattern $8.97
Approximatly $84.50 plus tax

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