Friday, August 26, 2011

I have been awfully lazy about pictures....

I made the Light Blue Tatooine outfit for a wonderful gal to wear to Comic*con this year. She was kind enough to send me pictures.

Doesn't she look GREAT!

Thank You so much Judy!

Judy is a member of a wonderful group called the "D-20 Girls".


  1. she looks so pretty. you did a wonderful job. :)

  2. Thank you so much! I had a blast. The costume was beautiful, and this is important... it was comfortable. I cosplay a lot, and have several different costumes, all have something that drives me nuts about them. This one though was comfortable and after wearing it all day I didnt have sleeves to tug at, the skirt didnt ride up or down, I used a bit of fabric tape to keep the very edges of the skirt high on my hips. Two small pieces were all it took, the costume just fit so well it hugged the body. Its rare to have comfortable and awesome LOL this did both.
    I make my own costumes, but because of my health and my moving I put in a request for this costume with Kris. Now I have a list to have her work on in between her other clients LOL. I know she will be able to handle the costumes that I cant do at my skill level. (Corsets kick my butt!) So I am super excited to work with her again. Best costumer I have had the pleasure of working with... and I have worked with three others for small pieces. Non I would want to do a whole costume. So really... I cant say enough about her. I will be sad when she is so popular her waiting time for a costume will be a year, and people will wait for it because shes so good. The day will come I just know it lol. Until then I will just try to keep her as busy as possible on my list ;p
    Thank you again Kris!